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By Vuka Timbers (Pty) Ltd, Posted March 2017


Vuka Timbers is nestled in the warm heart of Mpumalanga province, South Africa, surrounded by an endless supply of eucalyptus forests. We are the leading manufacturer and direct supplier of pressure-treated wooden poles used for a wide variety of applications including electrical transmission and distribution, telecommunication, fencing, agriculture, laths and droppers. Wherever we go, our quality products contribute to the upliftment of the local communities, providing power and communication where they have never been before.

Vuka Timbers, previously known as Vuka Commondale Treated Timber (Pty) Ltd, was established in 2004, with the plant itself being operational for over 30 years. The name change reflects our drive to continuously adapt and grow, and to provide the highest quality products and service to our clients, both in South Africa and the international market. We are an innovative and dynamic company, but the timeless values of integrity, respect and trust stays central to our vision.

We are your Solution


Resources and Customers

We expertly monitor the planting, growth and quality of our timber, from tree to treated, ensuring that we deliver only the best products to our customers.

natural resources / our trees

The Eucalyptus Grandis is a tall, self-pruning tree with smooth bark. At maturity, it measures more than 30 metres in height. Each hectare supports over 1 600 of these beautiful trees. Once the trees have reached maturity, they are harvested for processing, which takes an entire month.

human resources / our people

We employ 1 200 permanent and part-time staff year round. We see our staff as the pillar of strength in our business, and as a result are dedicated to continuous skills development within our organisation and also within our community. We accredit a large part of our success and growth to this philosophy.

lastly mentioned, but always first / our customers

As a professional company with honoured principles, putting you as our customer first is an absolute priority. We strive to satisfy your needs, providing high-quality products and service. We believe in nurturing strategic, long-term relationships with all our customers, based on time-tested principles of trust, loyalty and mutual respect, supplying you, our customer with what you need, when you need it. 


At Vuka Timbers we control the whole process from planting to production, guaranteeing the best quality products.


Processes and Logistics

At Vuka Timbers we control the whole process from planting to production, guaranteeing the best quality products.

raw material / strategic and sustainable

All timber is sourced from sustainable, renewable plantations that are the core of our business, managed to highest environmental standards. Strategic partnerships with other forestry landowners have been established in order to secure the continuous supply of timber to our factory and we source only the best quality raw material from forest plantations. Only the straightest poles of the highest quality are accepted.

the yard / in short, quality control and processes

01  Upon entering our yard, timber is checked for correct quality and moisture content. After this, it is cross-cut to the required length, checking for defects such as saw cuts, sweep or crook, knots or the presence of bark. We also perform periodic strength testing, to ensure that all our timber meets the required strength parameters. Timber is then either seasoned on air stacks, or in our state-of-the-art seasoning kiln, ensuring the timber is dry enough to be treated.

02  Timber is treated, under pressure, with either CCA (copper, chrome, arsenic) or creosote, using the full cell process, to ensure that the correct levels of chemical retention are attained at all times.

03  After treatment, timber is laid out on runners, where it is again checked for any defects. We also check that the required retentions have been attained, and that the timber complies fully with all the requirements. After this, they receive the SABS mark of approval.

Vuka Timbers handles complete transport logistics, both by land and sea, to ensure our product promise is kept intact, solidifying long-term relationships.

Nurturing the future, planting the seeds, ensuring prosperity. Strengthening communication… lighting up Africa. We deliver! Kenya, Tanzania, Cameroon, Mozambique and Zambia - to name just a few.


Vuka Timbers (Pty) Ltd
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1 Main Road, Commondale, Piet Retief District, Mpumalanga 2385
Postal P.O. Box 45, Commondale, Piet Retief District, Mpumalanga 2385