As treated timber suppliers, the versatile nature of our products constantly amazes us.

Wooden poles are not just used to string up electricity lines (even though that is a very useful application of them!).

Treated timber is also not just used by big clients in construction or telecommunication. In fact, we believe that absolutely anyone could use our wooden poles to improve an aspect of their lives.

“Not me,” you might think to yourself. But read a little further, and we might just surprise you! This post is filled with creative and inspiring ideas that will have you requesting our product catalogue before you’ve finished reading it. If that is the case, you can contact us here!

  1. Wooden Jungle Gyms

 If you have children, a wooden jungle gym might be one of the greatest investments you ever make. Having a wooden jungle gym in your back yard has a number of benefits, including:

  • Your children will spend hours playing on it. We don’t know about you, but we love anything that keeps our kids playing independently!
  • Speaking of independent play, jungle gyms are great tools for developing your children’s imagination and creativity. You see a wooden jungle gym. They see a pirate ship, a princess castle or a monster cave.
  • Playing on a jungle gym helps children to develop large muscle groups in their bodies. They also learn to coordinate their movements and develop their sense of balance.

When you use treated wooden poles to build a jungle gym, you ensure that insects or environmental conditions do not damage the wood. This maintains the integrity of the structure, which is ideal for an object which your children will be climbing all over.

  1. Treated Transmission poles

Of course, using wooden poles to support electric transmission lines is an important application. Wood is a good insulator, ensuring that electric current stays in the transmission lines rather than being conducted into the ground at each pole.

The treatment of timber used as transmission poles also ensures that electricity lines are not damaged by bad weather and other environmental factors. As timber suppliers, we ensure that our treatment processes are completed to an exact science to guarantee the integrity of our wooden products.

  1. Timber frame construction

Timber frames are used to build a number of different structures. Treated wooden poles can be used in the construction of decks, braai areas and even homes. Using timber frames in construction has the following benefits:

  • Wood is a relatively affordable building material.
  • The treatment of timber used in construction allows the wood to last longer and avoid damage due to insects, for example.
  • Wooden poles give a structure a rustic appearance. This is especially popular in holiday homes such as bushveld homes, and areas of relaxation, such as braai corners.

If you are looking for timber suppliers for a construction project, contact us today!

  1. Wooden fences

Using treated wooden poles to build a fence is an affordable option. Wooden poles make for good fence posts and do not affect the aesthetic value of an area as much as other materials would.

Wooden fences can be built on varying scales. You could build a fence that surrounds an entire farm, for example. Or you might build a fence around a specific field on a farm, to keep livestock in or out. Alternatively, a wooden fence might be quite small – perhaps around a vegetable garden to protect your crops from hungry pets, or a fishpond to create a protective barrier for young children.

Whether you decide to build a rustic looking farm fence or create a white picket fence effect around your home, we are the timber suppliers you should talk to!

  1. Treated Telecommunication poles

Telecommunication poles are also known as telephone poles. They support telephone lines that allow people to communicate with their friends, families, and business partners all over the world.

Using treated wood as telecommunication poles, as with electric transmission poles, is a cost-effective way to ensure that the poles last for a long time. The treatment process impregnates the wood with a chemical (either CCA or creosote) that protects the wood from damage by insects and harsh weather. In turn, this makes for a reliable service from telecommunication providers. And we sure love reliable service!

Have you ever enjoyed a project with wooden poles? We would love to hear your ideas. Pop them in the comments section below!

- Enovathemes