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Vuka Timbers is a treated wooden pole supplier in Mpumalanga. Our timber supplies are sourced from reliable forestry companies in South Africa.
Vuka Timbers

Producing treated wooden poles for almost 30 years

Vuka Timbers

Short History

Change is good
Vuka Timbers - Treated Wooden Poles Workers in the Field
The plant at VUKA Timbers itself has been operational and producing wooden poles for approximately 30 years. However, over this time the operation has been anything but stagnant. Changes have been a constant during our history. Our story is characterized by perseverance and a continuous drive towards excellence. 

Change is good

Changes in management

In 2004, VUKA Commondale Treated Timbers was established. Our shareholding and management changed again in 2006, which resulted in a cascade of organic growth.

An increase in plant capacity

When the plant was acquired by our holding company, VUKA Forestry Holdings, in 2004 the plant had a production capacity of 1500m³ . Since then, we have upgraded our treating plant to be able to produce 7000m³ Creosote poles and 3000m³ CCA-treated poles per month.



Name changes

The plant was initially known as Woodlife. When our holding company, VUKA Forestry Holdings, acquired the operation in 2004, VUKA Commondale Treated Timbers was established. At a later stage, it was once again renamed to VUKA Timbers.

Our History
Vuka Timbers - Treated Wooden Poles Tipper Truck
Our plant was initially known as Woodlife. In 2004, our holding company, VUKA Forestry Holdings, acquired the operation and VUKA Commondale Treated Timbers was established. At this point, the plant had a combined wooden pole production capacity of 1500m³. In 2006, Vuka Commondale Treated Timber’s shareholding and management changed. This sparked an exciting journey of organic growth. We attribute this growth, which benefits all stakeholders, to a unique combination of entrepreneurial spirit and management competence.

Our History

Our products

We have since grown into the leading supplier of wooden poles and pressure-treated timber. Our wood products are used for a wide variety of applications, including electrical transmission and distribution, telecommunication, fencing, agriculture, laths and droppers.

Organic growth

Since 2006, the company’s growth has been continuously organic. There have been no acquisitions or external funding. We are proud of the wealth and new markets we have provided our investors over the last fourteen years. And our growth has not just been in numbers, but also in capacity. We upgraded our treating plant to be able to produce 8000m³ Creosote poles and 4000m³ CCA-treated poles per month. This expansion allows us to fulfill our customer’s needs faster.


Our Location
Vuka Timbers - Treated Wooden Poles On Site
VUKA Timbers is ideally located in the warm heart of Mpumalanga. The climate in this area is ideal for growing eucalyptus trees. You can be assured that our timber was grown in the best conditions with suitable rainfall and the right temperatures to produce superior wooden poles. The soils in the area are also deep and fertile, contributing to good quality timber supplies.
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Our Location

Positive relationships

Being surrounded by forestry farms allows us to develop a relationship with our farmers, who run respected forestry companies in South Africa.

Sustainable farming practices

We source all our timber from sustainable plantations. Our sustainability expectations are clear and our farming partners meet these with dedication. With deforestation becoming an increasingly significant problem worldwide, we at Vuka Timbers ensure that conserving our environment remains a top priority.

Uplifting the community

The plant is situated in the Commondale area, just outside Paulpietersburg. Uplifting the community is another priority for us. Along with the relationships developed with forestry owners and farmers in the area, Vuka Timbers has nurtured connections with many other community pillars. We provide permanent employment to more than 200 community members and part-time employment to hundreds more.

Delivery Service
Vuka Timbers - Treated Wooden Poles Truck
Our location by no means prevents us from supplying our country and continent with our top quality wooden poles. On the contrary, logistics is an important part of our service to our clients.
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Delivery Service


We handle all logistics on land and sea. This ensures that our wood products maintain their integrity and quality during transport. In this way we can also build relationships with our customers on trust and respect.

Local delivery

We currently deliver our wooden products to clients across South Africa.

Local and international delivery

We also supply to the international market, with satisfied clients in many African countries.


Our Future
Vuka Timbers - Treated Wooden Poles Chopped Woods
In a continuous drive to adapt, we later renamed the company Vuka Timbers. This name change represents our commitment to grow and continuously work towards improving our service to you, our clients.
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Our Future

Our Clients

Above all, you are our priority and we appreciate your contribution to our story.

Future Projects

We look forward to working with many more of you in the future as we work together to light up Africa, connect our communities and build our nations in sustainable excellence.

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If you would like to get in contact with us, please send us an e-mail to: marketing@vukatimbers.co.za