Wooden Products

Featuring our wooden products; see our wooden poles used as Eskom pole structures, telephone poles and wooden fence poles among others.

Huge Diversity of Applications

Vuka Timbers is a leading manufacturer & direct supplier of pressure-treated wooden poles that can been used for a huge diversity of applications including: Electrical Transmission, Telecomunication, Thatching, Fencing, Laths, Droppers and Utility poles. Some of these have been nothing short of revolutionary. The purpose of this page is to show off some of the best projects featuring our wooden products. Perhaps they will even inspire you to start your own project!

Electricity Transmission

Our wooden poles are for sale to electricity companies across Africa. In South Africa, these would mostly be Eskom pole structures. EDM in Mozambique, TANESCO in Tanzania and KPLC in Kenya are other examples of electrical suppliers whose transmission lines can be held up by our wooden poles.


Telephone poles hold up the lines that connect families, friends and businesses across the world. By supplying the wooden poles that serve as telecommunication supporters, Vuka Timbers plays an indirect role in building and maintaining relationships between people all over Africa. What a privilege!

Powering Africa

We love the thought that Vuka Timbers may indirectly be involved in bringing electricity to African areas that have never had electrical power before. Building new power lines must be one of the most significant ways to grow and develop and area. We are proud to have a small part to play in these stories.

Construction Projects

From wooden fence poles to building support beams to retaining walls to wooden decks, our wooden poles for sale have made many construction dreams a reality. Since our poles are treated, they last longer, which is ideal especially for construction projects. The rustic look has never been easier to achieve!

Agricultural Projects

Whether our wooden poles are used to support grape vines on vineyards, as wooden fence poles to keep livestock in the greenest pastures or to build greenhouses across South Africa, they have certainly made a mark in agricultural businesses across the country.


Leading Manufacturer

We are a professional company with honoured principles, putting our customers first. We strive to satisfy your needs, providing high quality products and service. We build long-term relationships by knowing and supplying what every customer needs consistently and efficiently.

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